Central Goods & Services Tax Commissionerate Jaipur is one of the 4 executive Commissionerates working under the jurisdiction of office of the Chief Commissioner, Central Goods & Services Tax, (Jaipur Zone) Jaipur headed by Chief Commissioner. Office of the Central Goods & Services Tax Commissionerate Jaipur, is headed by the Principal Commissioner/Commissioner. Jurisdiction of the Commissionerate Jaipur is spread across the entire geographical area of the District of Jaipur and Ajmer, State of Rajasthan. For collection of Revenue and administrative convenience Jurisdiction of the Commissionerate is further divided into 11 Central Goods & Services Tax Divisions, out of which 9 are situated at Jaipur and two are situated at Ajmer, which are being headed by the Deputy/Assistant Commissioner. Further, jurisdiction of these 11 Divisions is divided into 54 Ranges, headed by the Superintendent.